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“It is about what every person decides to put on their plate”

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With this logo you can easily choose local products: all livestock, agricultural and fishing products originating from Curaçao. Supermarkets use this logo to show you the local food products. If you see this logo on the menu in restaurants then you know that the dish is made of 80% local ingredients.

Buy local

“It is about what every person decides to put on their plate”

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Where can you Buy Local?

Be aware if you go to a street vendor, ask for the local produce

Henny (Barba) Barbolina - Nos Kunuku


veggies & fruits

Hofi Cas cora Market place


Veggies & Fruits

Tola Eco Family Farm


Veggies & Fruits

Medical Plantation Lenien Schob


Non GMO – Seeds & Veggies call: 59995139726

Eithel Joubert - Joubert Goatfarm


Herald Martis - Zen Farm


Salad, Basil, Mint Call: +59996916225

Soltuna, buy min. of 5 kilo

Diverse Groenten en Fruit

Garden Philipe

Papaya, promenton, spinazie, lange uien,cilantro,celders.

+5999 – 5663595


Salad (romano, groene & rode kool)

Jardin Dorado

Papaya, warmoes, berehein, jucca


microgreen, salad, mint, basil, sometimes dragon fruit. Sells vitamin for plants

Whats app +59995258971


Joao Texeira da Camara

Sweet potatoes, String beans, Green peppers, Spinach, Spring onions, Hot peppers, Warmoes, Okra, Cucumber, Papaya  Aubergine etc

Whats app +59995619597


Ahmad Ayoubi

Honey and removes Beehives

Whats app +59995601513