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Together we are the change!

Do you have an impact on the agricultural sector in Curaçao in one way or another? Are you a farmer, cook, restaurant owner, supermarket manager, scientist, horticulturist, member of a cooperation, policy maker, consumer? ANYONE who has something to say about local food production can join the movement via our news blog. Any story can inspire someone to buy locally. Together we stand stronger!

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The more support, the stronger the movement!

You can support us financially. We started with the online campaign and we want to make the movement more powerful by expanding with the offline campaign. With your donation we finance the printing of the campaign.

Our troops

Berber and Reina are the creators of the campaign, but such a project is impossible to carry out with only two persons. Fortunately, a team of volunteers and companies help make this project a success, it is our troops without whom we could never have completed this!

Our special thanks go to the following volunteers and companies:
  • Joop & Mignon Duits, for the support during the fieldwork and translations
  • Eva Breukink, for the farmer's personal stories, social media texts and text editing
  • Ralph Durgaram of the Beatfreak Recording Studio, for editing and sound of the crowdfunding film
  • Vanessa Abad, Odille Micheletti and Yolanda Wiel for translation work and subtitles, Joop and Mignon, Diana Martis, Sueyenne Kleinmoedig, Johnessca Martina, Sophie Jansen for translations for Social media posts
  • Renske Pin, Koert van Buiren, Aukje Wolbert, Kilian Idsinga, Fred Rabeling, Maya Mathias, Hans Leijderdorf, Baker Tilly, Elodie Heloise, Andro Jansen, Bianca Kroon, Erik Visser, Marijke Hoos and Jeanne Henriquez, for advice
  • Mr. Petronia and Ms. Wawoe from BIP for advice
  • Jandino Asporaat and Iris Beeren-De Haan, for the great cooperation for the reduction of imports in Curaçao
  • Marije van Ouwekerk, for some pretty nice behind the scenes photos
  • Mattieu Willemse and Dirk Bouwman for assistance with photography
  • Nadin Varsovia and Ivonne Zegveld from I-Design, for inspiration and elaboration of logos
  • Dionne Maria, Melanie Maduro, Evangelina Antonia, Angèle Steba, for their appearing in the crowdfunding film
  • Saskia Luckman and Anja van Bergen, for fundraising advice
  • Michelle da Costa Gomez, Ibo Boswinkel, for advice on crowdfunding
  • Richard van Ginkel, for design store display and donation
  • Wendy York and Kim Swagemakers, for the social media strategy
  • Hester Jonkhout, for the editing of the film interviews
  • Fransien van Haaren and Hannah van Buul, for the data collection of the points of sale
  • Jivan de Kok, for his efforts as Advisory Board for the success of the project
  • Grace and Us, Avila Beach Hotel, Zulaika Valentina, Paradise FM, Dolfijn FM, Z86, Radio Hojer, Èxtra, Antilliaans Dagblad, Amigoe, Bala, Nobo other newspapers and radio stations, for publicity about the project
  • Oscar Bor (Source Music Production BV) for background music of the films - Intro and outro
  • Hans van den Berg, for all the support with restaurant visits
  • Angèle Steba for translations and data collection of the farmers
  • Anyone who contributes to the Movement through social media and our News page
  • Anouk Borrias, for the social media management
  • Thomas Wensing, Hellen Noort, Ingrid Schuringa, Carlos Monasterios ( Home Buyers Curaçao), Pedro Frade, Yinfeng Hu and Liz Garnett, for translation work and proofreading
  • Notary office Moerdijk en Palm, for support in the establishment of the SeDoP Foundation
  • The Van Beek family and Arjan Keijzers, for their confidence in our project
  • The supermarkets and restaurants in Curaçao, for their cooperation
  • Peter Menzel, Jimmy Nelson, Chris de Bode, Kilian Idsinga, for inspiration and advice
  • Profound, in particular: Gino Jacobs, Boudino de Jong, Tim Raemakers en Nikki Dijkshoorn, for the website
  • Vanessa Toré from ministry of economics of Curacao
  • Last but definitely not least Stichting Hulp aan Curaçao, for supporting our crowdfunding

Our special thanks go to the people who wish to remain anonymous and of course also to the people we accidentally forgot.

Our donors

We are extremely grateful for the financial support of the funds and companies and everyone who has made a contribution via and directly into our bank account.