Our Story

Our Story

The Hidden Green Movement originated when Berber and Reina got to know each other. Berber, an activist YDK (Born in Curaçao) with knowledge of Permaculture and photography, had been walking around for some time with an idea to create more visibility for the farmers in Curaçao. Reina wanted to spend more time on social projects. The moment Berber presented the idea to Reina, the Hidden Green Movement was born.

An onion, a few potatoes, beans and lettuce

Our Mission

The Hidden Green Movement is highly accessible and everyone can participate! It is a one year awareness campaign. Every month we put a farmer in the spotlight. In this way we show the hidden farmers and the agricultural culture of Curaçao. With photos, interviews, videos and a report of a working day in the country. You can find this content via social media, on our website, in various media and in the supermarkets and restaurants.

Through our news blog, the farmers, restaurants, points of sale and scientists and policy makers can share their knowledge and experience and participate. Consumers participate in the movement by buying local products and being ambassadors for the movement.

Buy Local is one of the easiest things you can do to combat our future problems.

Our Vision

Seeing is believing! We believe in positive change.

Many people are surprised when they hear that local food is produced in Curaçao, let alone that they know that you can buy local products.

Our vision is to make visible that production is really taking place in Curaçao. A logo shows people in the store what the local products are. That way you can easily choose local products.

If you choose local products, you:

  • Choose for fresh products
  • Support your local farmers
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Contribute to a stronger economy of Curaçao
  • Create more jobs in the agricultural sector
  • Contribute to the sustainability and independency of Curaçao

Few people realize that food is grown on this sunny and dry island and how important it is that you can buy local products. That has to change!

Berber van Beek

Berber van Beek was born and raised in Curaçao. She is a professional photographer, the initiator and project leader of the Hidden Green Movement.

Projects related to sustainability and awareness campaigns have her special attention. Her goal is to make people aware of social and environmental issues through her photography and campaigns. The common thread in her projects is the connection. This leads to improvement of people and cultures, and of the environment. Berber’s mission is to inspire people for a better world. Her studies in permaculture, her talent for networking, organizing, planning and her profession as a photographer come together in the project the Hidden Green Movement. The images of the campaign are taken by Studiorootz the company of Berber van Beek.

a photographer is laughing

Reina Keijzers

Within the project, Reina is project supporter and she coordinates the project together with the initiator Berber van Beek.

Reina is a scientist in nature & policies and organization expert. Since 2012, she has had an organizational consultancy practice in Curaçao, Keijzers’ Advies. Before that, she gained experience as a manager in public information for eight years. For Reina, the following applies: “A Desk is a Dangerous Place from Which to View the World… It is good not to limit yourself to your computer or mobile phone, but also to roll up your sleeves and experience daily reality”. She believes it is important that people commit themselves as volunteers.

SeDoP Foundation

To be able to carry out professional projects, the SeDoP Foundation was established at the end of 2019. SeDoP is an abbreviation for Social & Environmental Documentaries and Projects.

The aim of the SeDoP Foundation is to stimulate curiosity, mutual understanding, awareness and/or positive actions in society, with the aim of more community building and a more sustainable lifestyle through photo/video/journalistic documentaries and projects.

The foundation is registered with the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce under number 151769. Berber and Reina together form the board.

Within the foundation, the board is audited by the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council holds a meeting 4 times a year to check the finances, progress, obligations and agreements. The articles of association of the foundation and the minutes of the meetings are available on request. This guarantees the independence and reliability of the foundation.

You can request additional information via our contact form, such as: annual report, project plan, annual accounts, registration with the Chamber of Commerce, etc.