Why Buy Local

Why Buy Local

If you choose local products, you support society, the local economy and the environment. Local products are fresher and almost always cheaper, there is less waste and transport. Moreover, it makes us less vulnerable and more independent from foreign factors.

If you buy locally, you have a positive impact.

You can make a difference with every single local purchase!

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Impact on our economy

Local agricultural products are often cheaper. It’s a matter of making the right choice. If you want to save money, buying locally is a good option.

Money that we spend on Curaçaoan products stays in Curaçao. If more money remains in Curaçao, more can be invested. When you buy directly from the farmer, the farmer gets more profit and can invest more.

Impact on our community

We are more connected when everyone buys locally. You get to know where your food comes from and you can meet the local farmers.

Products that you buy directly from a farmer gives the farmer more profit. With more profit, the farmer can invest more. For example, the farmer can ask a carpenter in his neighborhood to build a greenhouse and hire the electrician for installing electricity. In this way, these people also receive income to feed their families. With this, you support the entire community with your choice for local products.

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Together we are the change!

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Impact on our environment & health

Local agricultural products travel directly from the land to the store. Less CO2 for your food products means a smaller carbon footprint and a lower impact on climate change.

Packaging protects food products until they reach the store. The further a product travels, the more packaging. In Curaçao, the possibilities and policy for waste recycling are not sufficient, as a result of which the waste accumulates and the waste mountain continues to grow. Local products require less packaging and cause less pollution and waste on Curaçao.

Impact on food security

We all depend on food every day. Local food production provides more stability and is less influenced by global factors. Think of wars, natural disasters, or political conflicts such as closing Venezuela’s borders to fruit and vegetables for Curaçao.

More local production means more independent access to sufficient, affordable and nutritious products.

So, with every single local purchase you can make a big difference.

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