Arepas with Curacao spinach, goat’s cheese and honey – Stefan Onrust

Recipe Arepas: by Stefan Onrust

Filled with:

Local goat cheese

Local honey

Local spinach

Recipe arepas:

700 grams of lukewarm water

300 grams of corn white flour 

1 tea spoon of salt

Mix the cornmeal little by little with salt and water to form a ball.

Let it rest in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

Later: make balls of 30 grams there and flatten between foil with a pan.

Deep fry them at 170 degrees Celsius until golden brown

500 grams of spinach

Dip the spinach very briefly in boiling water then chop it finely.

Cut open the arepa and fill it with some spinach, goat cheese and honey.

Enjoy your meal!

My name is Stefan Onrust, owner and chef of Restaurant Cristal and now working on a new restaurant in Curaçao. Always where I have worked and lived, I have worked with local local produce. Why get it from far away when you can get it from close by!

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