Recipe Curacao Goatcheese from Hofi Cas cora – Femi

Goat Cheese and Sorrel Jam “Pastechis” Pasteries – Perfect for the upcoming Holidays!

Ingredients: Puff Pastry Local Goat-cheese Jam Egg Oven: 180 graden /15 min

Femi is a Farmer and Restaurateur; Co-owner of Hofi Cas Cora established in 2015. Her passion is cooking with local, seasonal and foraged foods. 

Together with the team at Hofi Cas Cora we aim to promote this lifestyle and raise awareness on local produce. 

If you want to know more of Femi or the marketplace of Hofi Cas cora please check out :

Insta Femimeaux

Insta The Market Place

Website of Hofi Cas Cora


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