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Sustainable or Regenerative 

Going green, eco-lifestyle, we also often speak about sustainability. Being a sustainable business, living a sustainable lifestyle, always think sustainable. However, Is sustainability really the solution? Think of it this way; The term sustainability is quite vague, what are we trying to sustain or maintain and for how long. That is not to bash sustainable practices because that in itself is good for the environment and good for our immediate future. We also are busy with sustainable practices at Hofi Cas Cora, but that got us to thinking.

In the last years new methods and new terms crossed our paths as farmers and caretakers of the land. Regenerative agriculture was one of them. Something we could relate with, it almost felt like we were busy with it before we even knew the term existed. Regeneration. It all made sense though, we cannot keep depleting our earth for its resources and keep building or burning more fossil fuels to maintain our lifestyle. In the end that is not sustainable. Working with finite resources and trying to maintain them is not going to work in the long term. Regenerative agriculture is all about restoring our soil, increasing biodiversity, and increasing resilience to climate change.
Climate change is a big one in regenerative practices, even though we do not feel or see an immediate effect. There is always that time of year when we claim that the heat is unbearable. It seems like it is getting worse and worse every year. By having regenerative practices in place, you are without knowing already lessening your greenhouse gas emissions due to low cost practices, as well as sequestering CO2 by planting trees. Carbon sequestration is one of the easiest and most efficient ways of dealing with climate change, just plant more trees. Respect nature and leave it the way it is intended as much as possible. It is understandable that developments happen and economic growth is important but do so with the thought of giving back as well.
Our main concept of regeneration at Hofi Cas Cora is no-till farming, grazing, and the most used; crop rotation. One of the methods we are still working on implementing is cover cropping. An ancient crop grown on the island of Curacao, Sorghum (Maishi Chiki), is one of the best cover crops for our climate. It prevents erosion and keeps the soil nutrient rich and cool. With the method of crop rotation, we are never depleting the soil from its nutrients. We plant in a sequence that certain crops take out nutrients from the soil and the next ones give it back. In theory lessening the need for added nutrients and compost. A large part of our farm contains trees and various nature areas for increased biodiversity and lots of carbon sequestration. Our island is rich with resources and enthusiastic people working to make a change towards regeneration. You notice this from all the projects popping up that have to do with planting, reforestation, and nature conservation. Regenerative practices and projects like Syntropic Agro-forestry, permaculture, and urban planting makes us all proud of what we can achieve and gives hope for the future. Most of these projects will not see immediate results but mark my words in ten, fifteen years from now we will see what it really means to think with a regenerative way. See where you can give a helping hand in these projects, either with a donation or with your hands in the soil.
So, when you are busy setting up your business or any other activity, ask yourself a simple question; Am I seeking to maintain the same (Sustainable), or am I recognizing natural systems and applying management techniques that can help to restore and regenerate for improved productivity(Regenerative)? I will leave you with a quote that struck and stuck with us; “…Management of the land must be primarily oriented towards three goals – Health, Beauty, and Permanence. The fourth goal – the only once accepted by the experts – Productivity, will then be attained almost as a by-product.” (E. F. Schumacher)

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